Landlord Found Dead In His Room After 3 Days In Koforidua As Bad Odour Engulfs The Town

Report has it that a landlord has joined the ancestral world, but found in three days lying lifeless in Koforidua.

This was made known by Kofi Adoma Wanwani and his crew, where they reported that a Landlord was found dead after 3 days in his apartment.

The report identified the Landloard as Agya Yaw and was 43 years old.

According to the tenant’s reports, they did not set their eyes on their Landlord for a period of 3 days. Only to observe a bad odour coming out from the Landlords room.

After seeing the Landlord dead in his own room for a period of 3 days, the tenants reported the case to Koforidua divisional police commander.

According to the police, thorough search was done in the Landlords Room but no poison have been identified.

This is a very serious case as the police are still under investigation to found out the course of the dead of Mr Agya Yaw the Landlord in Koforidua.

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