Primary and JHS Students Of Obuasi West Hit Streets and Storms Gov’t Offices To Demonstrate For Schools Renovation

It is becoming evident that the average Ghanaian is fed up with the bad governance of successive governments which has plunged the country into debt amounting to over 300 billion dollars.

While these monies are borrowed to improve the lives of the Ghanaian, the economic hardship keeps mounting on the citizens who can barely afford a decent livelihood.

One question we ask ourselves is what these monies are really used for. School children learn under trees, no better facilities are provided to facilitate the smooth running of the educational institutions and this has been the problem from the beginning of time.

These grievances are what led some students of the Obuasi West Constituency to storm the municipal assembly to demand answers from the authorities.

In a video available below, these primary and JHS students were heard shouting to those in authority to renovate their schools

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