KSM Sets Himself Up for Life – Opens Plush New Hotel in Aburi Hills

Despite his legendary and accomplished career, KSM is not resting on his laurels – he’s gone ahead to set up something else to augment his income.

KSM has opened a new hotel in the serene environment of Aburi Hills.

The hotel is a plush one and has been named ‘Cactus Creek’.


KSM explained – the name ‘Cactus Creek’ comes from the presence of numerous cactus plants near the location of the hotel and a creek of water located beside it.

The interior of the hotel contains a conference room, recreational lounge and other amazing features.

The location of the hotel is already a killer – everyone knows how the Aburi locale is marvelously serene – and the interior matches it perfectly.

KSM has built a successful career with his decades of comedy and satire, but even he knows the value of setting up an investment.

KSM has said in the past that showbiz does not pay in Ghana so if you’re depending on that to survive, you would die a pauper.

He has followed his own advice with this magnificent investment.


Source : adwoaadubianews.com


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