Latest National Rankings of MMDAs Released, Number 1 Position Shocking -Check List

Per the document intercepted, the Ministry of Local government and Rural Development has released its latest Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies performance ranking.

This saw many changes in the ranking due to how many of assemblies performed in terms of their handwork.

Briefly, the annual performance Index saw Nkoranza North District in the Bono East Region at the first position while Zabzugu District in the Northern Region came last for the year under review.


All 260 Metropolitans, Municipals and Districts participated in the annual exercise through their various District Coordinating Directors.


The 17 pages document released by the sector ministry, Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) placed second while Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) took the 237th position. Sekyere Afram Plains which hosted the Dean of MMDCEs in Ghana Hon. Joseph Owusu came 233rd.


The national assessment of MMDAs is carried out to access the performance of each assembly in health, education, security, water and sanitation with a maximum score of 100%.

Assemblies which scored above 80% were placed at the green zone, those which scored 70-79% took blue zone while those who scored 60-69% were placed at brown zone. Yellow zone was reserved for those who had 50-59% while those with less than 50% score were placed at the red zone.


In all, 61 districts qualified for the green zone with Nkoranza North scoring 92.6%. 81 and 63 qualified for blue and yellow zones respectively while 31 and 16 districts were placed at the brown and red zones respectively.

Per their scores, KMA was in green zone while AMA managed brown zone with Sekyere Afram Plains.

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