Video Of Where ‘Fufu King’ Daniel, His Mentally Unstable Mother And Siblings Sleep

Young Daniel has caught the attention of Netizens following a viral photo of him eating fufu at his school’s Our Day.
When the photos went viral, a Kumasi based Nurse, Wendy Boatemaa Ofori promised to locate the boy and raise funds for him.

Luckily on Sunday, she traveled to the village of the boy only to be saddened by the poor condition he lives with his mother and younger siblings.

Apparently the kid’s father is dead, the mother is mentally unstable and his elder brother quit school at primary 5 engage in Galamsey.

Wendy videoed the place the family lives and it’s very sad.

The mentally unstable mother, Daniel and his kid sister lives in a makeshift structure with no bed, not to talk of chairs and television.

Fortunately for the boy, Musah Ghana, a Ghanaian based in Canada has offered to take him to Canada through adoption

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