Ghana Airport Company Managing Director Pays House Help Ghc 9,500 As A Month Salary -Airport Staff Protester Reveals

There is a video circulating on social media purporting to be the staff of Ghana Airport Company. The staff have grouped together with one of them holding a sheet of paper.

They claim that the paper contains the Managing Director and top five executives monthly expenditures. The purpose of their gathering was to protest against salary delays and disparities.

In reading what is on the paper, the gentleman stated that the Managing Director takes home GHS143,687 and the General Executives each takes home GHS122,693. The top five Executives, therefore, takes home over GHS500,000 a month.

When they were breaking down this salary issue, they said that the Managing Director’s Security Personnel takes home GHS6,000 whiles his domestic house help takes home GHS9,500 a month. The group added that the Managing Director’s rent allowance is GHS15,000. These figures baffle the minds of many Ghanaians as most of them showed interest that they want to be security personnel or house help to the managing director.

Ghanaians who came across this video said that if this is really true like what the staff are saying then this is some of the reasons why this country is not moving forward. According to these workers, their little salaries are not even paid on time. Most Ghanaians who watched this video were amazed to hear that this thing is happening at the Ghana Airport.

You could hear some of the staff in the background of the video saying that even Parliamentarians do not take home these huge salaries. Others said that as for the salaries for the security man and the house help, it could be that it is just on paper and they think the Managing Director gives them some scanty pay and add the rest to his huge salary.

But if it is true that a house help will take home 9,500 as salary, then is the best job to find in Ghana now and they ready to work for the Managing Director.

Check out some reactions from some Ghanaians below:

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